Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ask Sarah

Hello Everyone!!

Thank you so much for choosing Salon Sarah Bella!I am excited to offer a place for my clients and future clients! I am so grateful for everyone that comes to me! It is so nice to be able and stay home with my son!

If you need any product, since you come to me - I will give it to you at my cost! Just let me know what you need :)

If you need me to come to your home, I am more than willing!

Thank you again!!!


Ashley said...

Sarah, I miss you tons, and not just because we could do each other's hair. This is a cute blog, although I had a hard time reading a lot of it, the color was so light, I guess I'm getting old:) love ya!

Julie said...

Sarah, what a neat need to put pictures up of all your haircuts that you've done. Anyways great blog